Rachita Construction PVT. LTD. is well known group in this core business of construction & Property development for over 20 years, and has always enjoyed a great amount of trust and loyalty from its patrons over all these years. It was in the year 1992 that Mr. Prassana Saykhedkar founded Rachita Construction with the clear vision to “transform the way people perceive quality” in the real estate industry.  Read more.

A Community Farm Lands, Plots, Farm House/Villa and Resort.


A home is where you find warmth and comfort in the midst of your loved ones. The touch of a friendly hand. Make Green Village your abode to experience a better style of living.




Green Village Phase 1 spans 19.5 acres. This first phase of Green Village, we offer farms of 3/4 – 1 acre with fully customized construction. The owners can build a farm villa of 1500 sq ft on an area of almost 43000 sq ft. This provides each owner with lots of open space around the farm villa along with privacy between two farm villas. Read More.


Green Village Phase 2 covers an impressive 32.5 acres. Here the farms range from 1/4 – 1/2 acre farms. Here the residents can choose from 5 options for their farm villa ranging rom 750 sq ft to 1050 sq ft. These farm villas will be eco-friendly and sustainable. The Phase 2 shares another artiicial dam with Phase 3. Read More.


Green Village Phase 3 is going to be developed as a Resort. This resort will feature a multi-cuisine restaurant along with accommodation facilities, conference / banquet venue as well as a recreation centre. Green Village will feature a satellite kitchen that will be available for the residents. Read More.


Green Village Phase 4 comprises of 13
acres and is set slightly apart from the rest of the Phases. Phase 4 offers only 1/2 acres farms. These farms will have ‘plinths’ built and compound walls erected. The construction of farm villas is left to the interest of the owners. Read more.


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Testimonials / What Our Clients Say

  • Nashik is, and will always be, my only home. However, one look at Green Village was enough to change my mind about buying a second home! Green Village was everything I always wanted but which I thought wasn’t possible in an increasingly urbanizing Nashik. A customizable villa, acres and acres of plush green pastures, beautiful views all around and every modern amenity possible! This was almost too good to be true. My wife loves it, so do my children and my friends and relatives really have a tough time concealing their jealousy! But jokes apart, this probably is the best thing I’ve bought with my money, ever!

    Sarika Vaishya
  • I wanted my farm house to be away from the hustle and bustle of modern cities and yet retain the warmth and bonhomie that one normally experiences only in gated communities. After searching around initially, I realized that finding such a home is not going to be easy at all. Just then, a friend informed me about the Green Village project by Rachita. Now the latter was a known brand for me but I was sceptical till the very moment I entered Green Village’s compound. I knew instantly that this was going to be my new getaway abode; away from noise and yet close to people who share a similar passion for peace and nature!

    Shailesh Vaishya
  • I am a great believer of living in an eco-friendly manner, which is also what drew me to Green Village in the first place. The first thing that strikes you about this farm house project is the peace and serenity surrounding it. As someone who has spent an entire career in the cacophony of a metro city, Green Village comes across as a breath of fresh air. I was especially impressed with the provision of an artificial dam for the community. Not only does it serve as a vital source of drinking water but also makes for a picturesque surrounding.

    Mr. Pushkar Lele, (E & T Specialist)
  • Living in my very own farmhouse was a dream I cherished since long. But with the rate at which property prices were on the rise, owning an entire farmhouse was beginning to look like an impossible dream. Just then, I heard about Green Village! Not only was I going to be able to afford a villain a natural surrounding but also be lucky enough to customize it to my own taste. Nothing could be better than this. For a fraction of the price of a farmhouse, I got all its comforts and features. I must also put in a word for the fantastic buying experience offered by Rachita Constructions!
    Dr. Rajendra Nehete, Plastic Surgeon